Tuesday, August 10, 2010

weekend and teaser!

These were the story last weekend. My boyfriend told me that he wants me and Uno to meet his mother's friend at Serendra as their family's going back to Saudi the next day. He said that he wanted them to see Uno so I said yes. We waited for him for hours in the house because he was still cramming for the last minute shopping to give for his mother. He came around 5:30pm and it was raining, I thought that my father would say no because Uno might get sick but he said nothing..:) It was my first time to get inside Serendra even though the place is so near ours..:P I'll love to take pictures but I was carrying Uno and it's raining so maybe next time..:)

Serendra's like a maze, we were laughing while we "hunt" for their room number..LOL And finally saw it..hayyy... Met with their family, and I must say they're friendly.:) Been there for just few hours then went to Market! Market! to eat dinner, because it's dinner time when we arrived all the resto are full so we ended up to eat at Greenwich which is still good 'cause I miss their lasagna..YUM! :)
But I was disappointed though..:( Their garlic bread was different now, oh I love the old one..:( But Uno likes it, he ate half of it..hehe.. :) I don't know if it's the branch or I don't know but the pasta were soggy too..:( Thank heavens there still pizza..:)
The next day, Sunday my family went to Robinsons Galleria and I tried Hongkong style noodles for merienda..:) There's always a first time for everything! And I like, but not to the point I'll crave for it (or maybe..:P)
This toy was a gift for Uno by the family we met last Saturday..:) When you squeeze it, it will produce a bouncing sound (I don't know why is that..heehee..:P)
Here's our 15th Collection cover! Yey! finally, we've been very busy my Ate hardly had time to do this..:P This collection will be out tonight Aug. 10 @ 8PM! Hope you'll drop by..:)

And hope all is well!


  1. Looking at your posts about food makes me so hungry!!! lol