Wednesday, September 29, 2010

17th collection teaser!

Here's our 17th Collection in our multiply site..:) Composed of blazers, cover ups and a lot more! Here are some items that will be on sale..:D
Black crochet sleeves and rose printed cropped cover up, it has a built in belt..:)
Periwinkle blue blazer, with vintage flower design buttons. One of my faves!
Delicate and classy white blazer, hopes it's the real deal..: anyway even without the brand it's still fab! :D
Plum cropped cover up, wraparound sash belt and padded shoulders..:)
Dainty cream with peter pan collar tunic..:)
Silver (but not so shiny!) tuxedo inspired blazer.:)
Here's our Album cover! :) Wearing: White mesh top. Rusty orange culottes. Black vintage bag. All items are on sale too except the shoes and belt! :D 
So I hope to see you there tomorrow, Sept. 30 @ 8PM! :) More on our site here.

Hope all is well! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

grown ups!

Attended another kiddie party at Mc Donalds Market! Market! It was for Uno's Godmother too (just like the other post here) but this time it's a boy.:D Both kiddos have almost the same nickname, Seth and Sef..:) And I can say now that time really flies and you will suddenly realized there's a new generation formed..:) The mothers of these lovely babies, myself and Glenn (Uno's papa) were classmates in high school. We shared 4 years of unforgettable high school memories, and until now we are still sharing new memories with the help of our new connection - our babies! Actually Uno, Seth and Sef turned 1 this year..:D

Ninang Lorie with Seth, Ciel, Uno and Me. Uno and Seth are having a milk drinking contest! :D
High school friends Lorie, Jack and Me with the new generation babies, Seth, Sef (the birthday boy) and Uno
With the loot bag, and excuse the silly face! hehehe .:D
Wearing: White over sized polo with teardrop like prints - thrifted. Gray denim pants - Vintage Ernest Sewn. Cream wedges - sister's (Finickee).
Had the chance to wear a semi dark lipstick that is the color of fall! :)

Hope all is well! :)

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Monday, September 27, 2010

friday funday!

Went to Megamall last friday with my family since his rest day at work is Friday..:) We decided to open a junior account for Uno, for his future and to teach him the value of money (well when his old enough to understand that is...). After that we went to the shoe section in the department store to find him a pair, but unfortunately we didn't see any (to my liking of course)..:P Then they headed to the toys section instead and played with the Halloween displays.:) Ate at Sbarro and went to Timezone after..:D
Uno poking the little pumpkins..:)
trying on the pink horsey..:) Opps not so manly..hehehe..:P

We ordered Baked Ziti, Spaghetti with Chicken Parmingiano, and a sliced of All Meat pizza..:) (Sorry for the not so yummy-looking photo, just decided to took photo of it when we started eating..hehehe)
Me with Mike Wazowski! :)
Chewing his garlic bread and a little ziti..:)
Papa and Uno playing with hoops! :D
Wearing: Floral cardigan - SaveOnFashion, Pink tank top - surplus, Denim distressed skirt - Kamiseta. And I wore my flat sandals for comfort! :D

It was a fun fun day! :D Two weeks from now it's going to be his birthday, now I'm thinking of what to give him on his day??! Maybe a fun Friday again! :D

Hope all is well! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

polka dots birthday

This event happened last Saturday..:P And I'm very disappointed to myself that I deleted some of the photos that we took from the weekend while transferring them to the laptop..:( (I felt really bad about it..huhu) So, these are some of the photos that survived..:) Uno was invited to a kiddie party at Jollibee, The Fort.:) It was fun and very tiring..:D

Me and Uno with Ninang Lorie and the birthday girl Seth..:) ( We were early, SO EARLY!)
Uno, waiting for the program to start with his balloon hat and a piece of tissue..:D
We tried to get him a face paint..:)
And he doesn't want to, it took several minutes to paint the Elmo on his cheek.. But isn't he adorable, actually I like him when his doing his pa-cute cry..:D
After a decade (lol!) Elmo ended up to be Elmo-monster..hehehe..:D
Here's us with Mr. Yum or Popo?
Wearing: Navy blue polka dot polo with shoulder pads - thrifted. Black bow belt - thrifted. Denim cargo shorts - Old Navy. Black lace up wedges - Privileged (Robinsons Dept. Store)
I'm wearing my toffee colored lipstick from Nichido..:)

 Hope all is well! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

thrift finds! :D

Went the other day for thrift shopping a.k.a. treasure hunting..:D I bought polos, skirts and belt and I think I did good (what do you think?).  And they are all way too cheap! :) Here are some treasures I've scored:

pile of treasures!
Missoni cover up
Nude full skirt, I think I need to alter it cut 2 inches from it! :)
Green with pattern design pockets
that extends to the back part! :)
Red patterned chiffon skirt
This is really black (bad lighting! :P) Black scalloped neck dress
White with colorful teardrop shaped patterns..:) Very light material
Navy blue polka dots with oval buttons with shoulder pads, very vintage! :)
White button down with shoulder pads, classic! :)
Bow belt, that I've been wanting since forever! Yey!! I've finally found you! LOL
Hope you like what I've found..:) Will use the navy polka dots and the teardrop shaped this weekend as little Uno will attend 2 kiddie parties..:) This is gonna be fun and sweaty again and again, not complaining though!:)

Hope all is well! :D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

gingham fever!

Went to church and to the mall last Sunday.. :) It's convenient that two are near with each other..:D I wore my gingham which I have with me for the longest time..:P Honestly I wanted to wear this long before but does not have the motivation/style to wear it, but since I joined Chictopia and see what others wear (like gingham) gives me the boost..:D I went to the androgynous feel, pairing it with the cargo denim and my new shoes! :D Yey!!! :) I hope I pulled it off, since I'm trying to be a little extraordinary for my norms..:D
Me and my dying purple nails waiting for our parents to return from Handyman..:D Oh, I have green fingers now and I'm addicted to painting them..:D Will post my fave colors!.:D
Waiting for Dad and Light to get us..:P
Outfit Post..:)
Closing time picture! Ep!:P
Wearing: Gingham long sleeves polo - thriffted. Denim cargo pants - SaveOnFashion. Faux leather cuff - Robinsons Dept. Store. Black lace up wedges - Privileged (Dept. Store).

Hope all is well! :)

P.S. Uno is attending his first Kiddie Party! :D