Friday, September 24, 2010

polka dots birthday

This event happened last Saturday..:P And I'm very disappointed to myself that I deleted some of the photos that we took from the weekend while transferring them to the laptop..:( (I felt really bad about it..huhu) So, these are some of the photos that survived..:) Uno was invited to a kiddie party at Jollibee, The Fort.:) It was fun and very tiring..:D

Me and Uno with Ninang Lorie and the birthday girl Seth..:) ( We were early, SO EARLY!)
Uno, waiting for the program to start with his balloon hat and a piece of tissue..:D
We tried to get him a face paint..:)
And he doesn't want to, it took several minutes to paint the Elmo on his cheek.. But isn't he adorable, actually I like him when his doing his pa-cute cry..:D
After a decade (lol!) Elmo ended up to be Elmo-monster..hehehe..:D
Here's us with Mr. Yum or Popo?
Wearing: Navy blue polka dot polo with shoulder pads - thrifted. Black bow belt - thrifted. Denim cargo shorts - Old Navy. Black lace up wedges - Privileged (Robinsons Dept. Store)
I'm wearing my toffee colored lipstick from Nichido..:)

 Hope all is well! :)


  1. i love your top and belt!:) poor uno :( too bad he didn't want the elmo on his face. He does look cute with that pacute cry hehe