Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Oh to be young again!

It's not that I'm too old, but I'm not getting younger hee. Back when I was a tween, I fascinated myself with dolls (hello barbie!). And yes, the only fashion doll that I knew back then was Barbie or it's the only doll back then. Eeep! or I just don't know others.. Well since I wasn't able to get all the dolls that I wanted when I was a girl, I have this liking to collect dolls now that I'm a bit older. It's normal right?! :P I bought a Blythe doll which remains undone, I'm customizing it's face.. :) I also bought Ever After High doll Madeline Hatter which I ordered abroad, because we don't have them in local toy stores here. Some Monster High and Bratz dolls which are all incomplete because my daughter wants to play with them *sigh* But never a Barbie.. :P I don't know but I think barbie dolls went back to super basic. Many dolls now don't have bendable legs or if you come across to ball-jointed ones they're a lot expensive.. :(

So now that Christmas is fast approaching a really want one of these cool dolls (I think!) in my wishlist. As one says AGE ARE JUST NUMBERS! :D

Ever After Doll: Rosabella Beauty, daughter of Beauty and the Beast.

Monster High, Haunted Getting Ghostly: Twyla

Monster High Haunted Getting Spirit: *forgot the name! :P

Bratz doll: Cloe

Bratz doll: Raya
Hope all is well! :)