Tuesday, August 31, 2010

practicality and chain celebration

Last Sunday we're not intending to go to the mall but the transformer of Meralco got busted and we have no electricity that day and Uno was having a hard time sleeping because it was too hot, so we ended up going to Galleria and decided to celebrate my youngest sister's birthday since it's on Monday anyway..:) We also needed to get our client's layout installed so we brought the laptop and leeched at the free WiFi there..:)
This is us connecting..:) At first we thought it would be really slow and needed to go to a coffee shop to connect but no it's kinda good..:) Me, posing for an outfit post..hehehe..:D
My Ate started installing..:) We are worried because there's no outlet for recharging the laptop..:P
Me goofing around, my part would be after installing the layout.. I need to email our client and tell her that we're finished already and also reply to other inquiries..:)
And my youngest sister too goofed around..:P We started to get a little bored so I decided to sit on Uno's stroller and be pushed by her..:D LOL
Facial expression, asking is it done already?!! :P or maybe not..hehehe..:P
My little boy walking and running the whole time..:D After Ate finished installing it was my time to do to my job..:P Minutes after sending emails the laptop died..:( At least we are finished already..:) After that we went to the food court and ate merienda..:)
We ordered fresh lumpia and sago't gulaman, my father ordered pancit malabon and puto and they bought Uno a sliced of cake at Goldilocks..:)
I really liked the taste of fresh lumpia of Goldilocks and it's making me full..:) The sago't gulaman is so sweet too..:D
After that we went to the grocery to buy the things needed for my youngest sister's merienda/dinner party tomorrow..:)
I'm not really hungry when we ate dinner, so my siblings ordered grilled belly and kimchi at Kimchi..:) The meal was simple but I like them and the hotness of the kimchi was just right..:D
Here's what I'm wearing..:) White oversized longsleeves cardigan - thrifted. Black and white printed top - YRYS (got them at 2 for P99!). Pinstriped highwaist skirt with cute ruffled back hem and ribbon, too bad I don't have a picture of it..:( - SaveOnFashion. Suede belt - thrifted. Faux leather cuff (my fave!) - Robinsons Galleria Dept. Store. Beige flats - Finickee.
I have to design another layout, hope she picks mine this time..:D

Hope all is well! :D

Monday, August 23, 2010


Yesterday we celebrated my eldest sister's birthday at the mall..:) I thought that it won't push through because she's been with fever for two days.. On her exact date of birth she's feeling better, hehehe..:) By the way she's two years older than me..:P

This is Uno playing while waiting for his titas and mommy (a.k.a. grandmother). He always pull everything he sees..:D That his daddy (a.k.a. grandfather) holding him..:)
Uno with lipstick marks on face..:P
Have a photo with 1971 Barbie..:P I was mimicking her hands..LOL :D
This was taken inside the restroom, because no one's going to take our photos so we did it here..:) And I can say that "we are on STRIPES!" LOL :D People always think that I'm the oldest, they said it because I'm the tallest and I'm the mature looking?!! :( What do you think?!!
This are our sad faces..:P My Ate is at the middle..:)
Uno with his tongue out..:P LOL :D
Sandwich baby!! :D
Waiting outside Ace Hardware...
They have change the color of their cutlery, now it's black..:) Ordered 18" New York's Finest (fave!) 10" Four Season (exploring new flavors), Spaghetti Meatballs and 2 1.5 Coke.. YUM! :)
While waiting for our meal..:D Uno's having his in his stroller..:P
Finished a sliced of the big one and half the all cheese flavored and sliced of anchovy flavored which was very salty..:P (not a fan..)
Wearing: Red and white striped cropped jacket - saveonfashion, white tank top with pink prints - surplus, grey jeggings - thrifted, black cut out boots - Sugar and faux leather cuff both from Robinsons Department Store, black wooden rosary..:D
Went home full..:D Also ate white chocolate cake (a.k.a. White Forest!)from Red Ribbon for dessert..:D SWEET!

Hope all is well! :D

Thursday, August 19, 2010

i want shoes!

I can' t say that I'm a shoe-holic mainly because I don't own a lot of pairs BUT I love them! Main reason that I don't own a lot of pairs is because I'm not that fashion conscious before, I usually stick to basic shoes like pair of black plain flats for school, boring kitten heels when I was working and lots of ordinary sandals when going out malling. I'm simply contented of what I saw in magazines and the best reason is that they are way pricey for me.. hehehe.:P Now, I'm trying to collect shoes that I can really use over and over again, they may not be the expensive ones or the most branded ones but they are the ones that catches my eyes and fits my budget! :)

Enough explaining! hehehe..:) This post is about what if I have a lot of money and I can buy shoes!!! So here's my favorites:
1. Moschino Chic and Cheap Lace up Booties in black - this really catches my eyes! I love that its simple yet with a lot of edge! (i think..:D) Can pair it with flowy mini dresses or bodycon one..:) 2. Steve Madden Annton Cognac Le in black - this is really cool! I love that it's wedge, lots of support..:) Peep toe and oxford design..:) Pair it with high waist shorts or skirt! 3. Christian Louboutin Relika Platforms in nude - who doesn't want to own a pair of louboutins? Me, I want them in nude..:) Although the heels look scary, it is supported with the cute straps..:) Pair it with any color of dress, it matches all! :) 4. Christian Louboutin Biglips 120 Calf Hair Pumps in red - If one pair is not enough.. I'll choose them in red to make a statement..:) The heels are really really scary, I need a lot of practice here..:) Pair it with black suits or white to make it stand out! :) 5. Guiseppe Zanotti Crystal Bow Embellished Suede Pumps in black - No more boring black shoes!:D This is so cute with lots of ribbons at the back part..:) The heels are again scary and needs practice..:P Paired it with plain dresses to make the shoes on spotlight! :) 6. Betsey Johnson Alison Bootie in black - this lace up booties looks romantic with its all lace body, makes you feel sexy too..:) Lolita ish style I must say..:) Pair it with long full gown with lots of tulle or maybe your wedding dress..:) 7. Harajuku Lovers Packard Oxford pumps in white and black - A must have this year! :) Love that the lace ends with a heart shaped design..:) This is so versatile, you can pair it with jeans or any clothes you like..:) 8. Jeffrey Campbell Charlie Floral Clogs - this so adorable and clogs is one of the must have this season..:) And this one is for keeps as fashion repeats it self, you can wear it all over again because of its unique pattern..:) Pair it with hot shorts or vintage pants..:) 9. Dolce and Gabbana Womens DS1809 E7666 Pumps in purple - (I really hope this is the right name for this shoes).. if I'm going to have a pair that shouts fashion, I'll pick this and in my fave color too! :D One of a kind with lots of delicate detailing and materials..:) Pair it with colors black, white, purple, yellow or nude dresses and it surely be the eye candy! :)

Ok so this ends my drooling shoe post, hope you like what I chose..:) Maybe next time I'll do my bag post, will browse the net for the ultimate bag ever! (in my eyes, I guess.. hehehe) :)

Hope all is well! :)

P.S. all photos are from

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

layout make over

I'm trying my best to make my blog a decent one.. hehehe.. I've put up my header, and I think it's too big..:( But I still like it..:P As a newbie, I'm still exploring this site..:) Hope I'll finish this before I post another post... hehehe..:)
Hope all is well!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Been hunting for a job for the past three days, and I must say it is difficult. First, there are no hospitals today that needs nurses, they're all full.. haist! Second, only call centers need people, haist again! :P Me and my friend Kat hunt the city of Makati not looking for our desired jobs, but for others that can give us monthly salary..hehehe..:) We need to support our own child you know..:)
So this was my outfit for the first day (sorry don't have a proper outfit post, low morale kasi e..) I'm wearing a royal blue ruched sleeves match with my thrift find suede belt. Black wide pants and these gold pumps..:)
At first, the shoes are ok but when you walk for almost half day = sore feet..:( Shoes becomes tight..:(
Us having our lunch at the Pancake House, which were delicious..:) Thanks Kaye for the libre! hehehe..:D That's me in the mirror! :P
I ate this, so sorry I forgot the name but it was delicious. :) Crunch asparagus and bacon and something..:P Paired with my fave drink, coke.. YUM!!! Then on to hunting again..
End the day with DQ sandwich..:) My feet sore, body tired but atleast I'm happy I'm with my friends..:) And I'm making progress..Yey! Wish me luck! *crossfingers*

Hope all is well!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

weekend and teaser!

These were the story last weekend. My boyfriend told me that he wants me and Uno to meet his mother's friend at Serendra as their family's going back to Saudi the next day. He said that he wanted them to see Uno so I said yes. We waited for him for hours in the house because he was still cramming for the last minute shopping to give for his mother. He came around 5:30pm and it was raining, I thought that my father would say no because Uno might get sick but he said nothing..:) It was my first time to get inside Serendra even though the place is so near ours..:P I'll love to take pictures but I was carrying Uno and it's raining so maybe next time..:)

Serendra's like a maze, we were laughing while we "hunt" for their room number..LOL And finally saw it..hayyy... Met with their family, and I must say they're friendly.:) Been there for just few hours then went to Market! Market! to eat dinner, because it's dinner time when we arrived all the resto are full so we ended up to eat at Greenwich which is still good 'cause I miss their lasagna..YUM! :)
But I was disappointed though..:( Their garlic bread was different now, oh I love the old one..:( But Uno likes it, he ate half of it..hehe.. :) I don't know if it's the branch or I don't know but the pasta were soggy too..:( Thank heavens there still pizza..:)
The next day, Sunday my family went to Robinsons Galleria and I tried Hongkong style noodles for merienda..:) There's always a first time for everything! And I like, but not to the point I'll crave for it (or maybe..:P)
This toy was a gift for Uno by the family we met last Saturday..:) When you squeeze it, it will produce a bouncing sound (I don't know why is that..heehee..:P)
Here's our 15th Collection cover! Yey! finally, we've been very busy my Ate hardly had time to do this..:P This collection will be out tonight Aug. 10 @ 8PM! Hope you'll drop by..:)

And hope all is well!

Friday, August 6, 2010

black to black to black

This romper was the one I bought last time we went to the mall, adn yes it's on SALE! :) I decided to make an outfit post for it (although I said that I'll be doing my outfit post just for my birthday! :P) Well, we do a little photo shoot for our online shop so I got the chance to squeezed this outfit in..:D
Got this for P199 only!!! Yey! the original price is P749 and think it was a score for ME! :)
It is a deep V neck line, so I have to wear an inner garment or I'll just pin it up..:)
I have to practice not to go to the restroom when I REALLY needed to, know what I mean..hehehe..:P
Sorry for the messy hair, I really don't know what I got to do with my bangs anymore..They're all in awkward stage of length.. Might chunk it again, what do you think?
I wore the cross that I bought outside the church, it's the only black cross there.. I don't mean to use it for fashion's sake, but it's really really cool! :)
Bought the bangles online..:)
And my tights are from the thrift shop too, of course they are the ones with plastics and cartons in it..:P
And I said to my last post ( I think?) that my poupee have a similar outfit, and here she is..:) More gorgeous with its sexy eyes! LOL! :D

Hope all is well! :)