Monday, August 2, 2010

at home party

Thought I won't be having a little party at home 'cause it's a weekday..:P Dinner became one, my boyfriend bought me a cake which was unexpected because he didn't say he would (might be a surprise, hehehe..:P) and I'm expecting that my sister will be buying one too, so I've got two.. YUM!!! :D
Oh, and he gave me a bouquet of balloons.. :D which one pops after Uno played with it..:P
This was the cake my boyfriend gave me, it was like I'm turning 7 by the looked of it..LOL..:P
This was the second cake that my ate bought me..:) I don't have the photo holding my first cake as it was heavy..:P
The flavor was mmmm.. I forgot.. hehehe.. but it's a layer of different kinds of pure chocolate.. SOOO SWEET! :)
That's my ate behind me, people always think that I'm the eldest because I'm much taller than her and they said I looked much older.. Do you think so?! :P
Me, blowing my first cake.. :D
and my second cake..:) I forgot to make wishes.. :(

Well, I have a lot of wishes..might as well keep it in my mind and in my heart..:) And I thank GOD for giving me a new chapter in my life..:)

Hope all is well!

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