Tuesday, August 3, 2010

poupee world

Been telling that I'm an addict with this site right now..:) I had just recently registered and I find it exciting and fun dressing up a poupee girl..:D Let me show you around and how things work..:) I had print screen my images..:)
This is their home page, wherein you can sign for free..:D It's a blog where you will post your items to get ribbons (their currency)..:) Poupee means doll in french. :)
Here's an example of a closet, those are my photo uploads.:) I get ribbons and new items every time I post, but you can only get ribbons and items with not more than 5 uploads a day..:P
Then I will use my ribbons to buy new dresses, shoes, and accessories to dress up my doll.. That's the fun part!!..:D You can also sell your items with how many ribbons you like..:) And if you dress up your doll everyday, you will earn 200 ribbons at the end of the month..:D
Aside from posting photos for a ribbon, you can also "suteki" (meaning "like") a friend and comment on their stuffs to get more ribbons..:D

Sounds childish huh, hehehe but I like it..:) This is one of my de-stress method..:D All young at heart must try this, hope you find it fun too! :) Hope we become poupee friends! :D

Hope all is well!

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