Tuesday, August 31, 2010

practicality and chain celebration

Last Sunday we're not intending to go to the mall but the transformer of Meralco got busted and we have no electricity that day and Uno was having a hard time sleeping because it was too hot, so we ended up going to Galleria and decided to celebrate my youngest sister's birthday since it's on Monday anyway..:) We also needed to get our client's layout installed so we brought the laptop and leeched at the free WiFi there..:)
This is us connecting..:) At first we thought it would be really slow and needed to go to a coffee shop to connect but no it's kinda good..:) Me, posing for an outfit post..hehehe..:D
My Ate started installing..:) We are worried because there's no outlet for recharging the laptop..:P
Me goofing around, my part would be after installing the layout.. I need to email our client and tell her that we're finished already and also reply to other inquiries..:)
And my youngest sister too goofed around..:P We started to get a little bored so I decided to sit on Uno's stroller and be pushed by her..:D LOL
Facial expression, asking is it done already?!! :P or maybe not..hehehe..:P
My little boy walking and running the whole time..:D After Ate finished installing it was my time to do to my job..:P Minutes after sending emails the laptop died..:( At least we are finished already..:) After that we went to the food court and ate merienda..:)
We ordered fresh lumpia and sago't gulaman, my father ordered pancit malabon and puto and they bought Uno a sliced of cake at Goldilocks..:)
I really liked the taste of fresh lumpia of Goldilocks and it's making me full..:) The sago't gulaman is so sweet too..:D
After that we went to the grocery to buy the things needed for my youngest sister's merienda/dinner party tomorrow..:)
I'm not really hungry when we ate dinner, so my siblings ordered grilled belly and kimchi at Kimchi..:) The meal was simple but I like them and the hotness of the kimchi was just right..:D
Here's what I'm wearing..:) White oversized longsleeves cardigan - thrifted. Black and white printed top - YRYS (got them at 2 for P99!). Pinstriped highwaist skirt with cute ruffled back hem and ribbon, too bad I don't have a picture of it..:( - SaveOnFashion. Suede belt - thrifted. Faux leather cuff (my fave!) - Robinsons Galleria Dept. Store. Beige flats - Finickee.
I have to design another layout, hope she picks mine this time..:D

Hope all is well! :D


  1. great look girl, i find you at chictopia, great blog!!

  2. aww your little boy is adorbs!!:) thanks for following me. followed you back!:) your top is really cute!