Friday, July 30, 2010

a year older

This day marks another year for me as I turn older..(waah! I can't believe I'm a lot older!) LOL :P I'm officially 27.. argh! And I still have many things and to achieve more from different aspects of life. Well, I can't be forever young, just gotta run for it..:D

I'm celebrating my birthday at home and for that I decided to have an "outfit photo" for a change..:) I think that I will make it a habit to dress what I want to dress for my birthday..:)

So, here's my outfit, hope you like it..:)
I wore this dress when Uno have been baptized..:) It's kinda short for church and I'm so thankful that they let me in..LOL Seriously, the priest in EDSA Shrine was so strict..:) I paired it with brown strappy sandals.
Since hats are so at this moment, I tried it too. Hope i pulled it of..:)
The purse again, I post it to chictopia with my remix entry (though I'm not a teenager anymore because the contest was for teen vogue, but I'd still gave it a try..:D
Yay! No face..hehehe.. The shoes is my latest buy, bought it on sale for P699 at People are people I don't really know what's the actual price but it's sale..:D Frugal me..:P
Eyebags go away, they're so big.. huhuhu T_T
The print of the dress are orchids..:) Accessories are from our multiply store..:)
The hat is a thrift find, it's labeled H&M, hope it's authentic..:)
This purse is a treasure, I found it hanging in a thrift shop..:) Bought it for P150 (approximately $3) only..:) I don't exactly know if it is authentic, still it's a great find for me..:) It's material just like a crocs skin, so hard.
It comes with a strap too..:)
Even my poupee is celebrating! :) She's wearing my fave color..:) And yes, I'm so addicted with this site..:D Will show you what this site is all about on my next post..

Cheers! And hope is well!! :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We went to Relans in Morayta last Saturday (so, yes it's a late post..hehe) to get our yearbook. We met at Gateway then rode an FX to get there (and I wore heels..:P).

This is Kat goofing around while waiting for the books. :P
Cheng and Jensen, and they'll be having their license exam in Hemodialysis tomorrow (Sunday)..:P
Cheng got hold of her yearbook fist!
Me second! Yey! :D
Jensen next..:) (just like getting your diploma a, hehehe..:P)
Lastly Kath and her winning smile! LOL! :D
The man there said that he'll take a picture of us..
He made us open it pa! LOL!
At home, took a picture of it alone..:) I was a graduate of Nursing in Delos Santos - STI School of Nursing at E. Rodriguez, Quezon City last 2009.
Yay! Seriousness..hehehe..:P
My page and look at my creative shot.. not so creative..harhar! :D
This is what i wore, it's actually my first time commuted with these heels on. People are looking with an expression on their faces like "where is she going? to a party?!" But I think that I don't looked like that. I wore a simple top and vest and denim shorts, the shoes makes it all like going to a party look, what do you think? I even forgot to put on atleast moisturizer on face..:( I think it's just a casual outfit..(LOL! I defend myself! Sorry! :P)
Wearing: White long tee - Market! Market! Dept. Store, Vest - saveonfashion, faux leather cuff, Robinsons Galeria Dept. Store, Casio watch, Grey oversized bag - thrifted. (Sorry for the cluttered background) :)
Finally Uno trying on the vest..:P He looks like a priest! :D

Hope is well!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Drowning Equilibriums: Big Blog Blowout: OFFICIAL CONTEST/GIVEAWAY PAGE

Drowning Equilibriums: Big Blog Blowout: OFFICIAL CONTEST/GIVEAWAY PAGE: "It has officially started! Leave a comment on this post to join. Mechanics are below. Start: July 26, 2010 Ends: August 13, 2010 Wanna k..."

**Hope i win one of the prizes! :) It would be a great gift for my birthday this 30..:D**

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Album Covers - (6-14)

I'll start with the 6th album cover this time..:)
6th Cover - Wearing: Army green vest, White printed tee, Gray tulle full skirt
7th Cover - Wearing: Camouflage with lace top, Black shorts, Gray wedges(Ciel), Black satin tube dress as a top, camouflage pleated skirt, Gold pumps (me)
8th Cover - Wearing: Batik blue tube dress (Ciel), Black animal print bodycon tube dress (me)
9th Cover - Wearing: Blue floral dress, wooden bangle
10th Cover - Wearing: White sequined top, Gray cropped cardigan, Beige floral skirt (Tanned!)
11th Cover - Wearing: Black sequined statement tee, Hot pink full skirt
12th Cover - Wearing: Black top with lace, Navy blue high waist shorts, Bangles
13th Cover - Wearing: Hombre shirtdress, white vintage belt, Yellow socks, Brown with ribbon design wedges
14th Cover - Wearing: Chiffon batwing Floral dress with leather linings, Bronze elephant pendant necklace, Cherry cuff, Brown with ribbon wedges

I'm hoping that our online store will be successful in the coming days/months/years! :D

I'll post our 15th Cover here as well and some clothes that we'll be selling. Watch out for it..:D

Oh and I went out with my friends/classmates to get our yearbook today..:) Will post photos of it tomorrow and what i'm wearing.:)


Friday, July 23, 2010

SaveOnFashion - The beginning (1-5 album covers)

Since I don't have a job for almost a year (bummer..argh!) my siblings and I decided to open an online shop since we love to go thrift hunting, we think that vintage finds are great treasures! :) So, last year November to be exact we came up with SaveOnFashion..:) We actually choose from lots of titles and were laughing hard (we don't know why???!!:P) picking. Sheila (eldest) did the layout and post editing of the pictures, Ciel (youngest) did the washing of the clothes then later did the photography too..:P I did the styling and modeling and transacting with clients and packaging items..:)
I want to share our album covers with you, we're on our 14th Collection and probably post the teaser here for our 15th Collection..hee..:P

Let's start with the 1st to the 5th covers..:)

5th Cover - wearing: Black top with chiffon batwing sleeves and sequined suspender design, Gray harem pants. Curly hair with bangs (LOL)
4th Cover - wearing:Houndstooth shift dress and black wide belt (me), Black lace shift dress and red belt (Ciel). Looking like japanese (LOL)
3rd Cover - wearing:Gray delicate shift dress (Sheila), Blue pinstriped with tulle hem (Me), Black satin shift dress (Ciel). Chirstmas! :)
2nd Cover - wearing:Polka dots satin blazer, Sequined cream top, Black tights, DIY accessories, Isaac Mizrahi for Target chain bag. :)
1st Cover - wearing: Gray chiffon top, Gray with ribbon shorts, Silver cross necklace, Silver Rusty Lopez Shoes

Monday, July 19, 2010

First of all

This would be my first entry for this blog and for that i want it to be special. :) Last July 2009 I became a mother to a wonderful little boy named Jullian Angelo. Uno is his nickname. :) At that time I just graduated from my second course (hee, so geek of me! LOL) BS Nursing and although I'm still pregnant I took the board exams which I thankfully passed..:D

wearing: Just G.

About me, ever since I was a teen I love fashion, I always wanted to be updated about the trends and what is not. I collected magazines just to shower my eyes with hot fashion, I also watched fashion series on TV (thelookforless, project runway and america's next top model), but I wasn't that courageous in executing what I read or watch. :(

I think now, i can be more brave enough to execute what I really wanted to wear and what I want to achieve in terms of fashion..:)