Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We went to Relans in Morayta last Saturday (so, yes it's a late post..hehe) to get our yearbook. We met at Gateway then rode an FX to get there (and I wore heels..:P).

This is Kat goofing around while waiting for the books. :P
Cheng and Jensen, and they'll be having their license exam in Hemodialysis tomorrow (Sunday)..:P
Cheng got hold of her yearbook fist!
Me second! Yey! :D
Jensen next..:) (just like getting your diploma a, hehehe..:P)
Lastly Kath and her winning smile! LOL! :D
The man there said that he'll take a picture of us..
He made us open it pa! LOL!
At home, took a picture of it alone..:) I was a graduate of Nursing in Delos Santos - STI School of Nursing at E. Rodriguez, Quezon City last 2009.
Yay! Seriousness..hehehe..:P
My page and look at my creative shot.. not so creative..harhar! :D
This is what i wore, it's actually my first time commuted with these heels on. People are looking with an expression on their faces like "where is she going? to a party?!" But I think that I don't looked like that. I wore a simple top and vest and denim shorts, the shoes makes it all like going to a party look, what do you think? I even forgot to put on atleast moisturizer on face..:( I think it's just a casual outfit..(LOL! I defend myself! Sorry! :P)
Wearing: White long tee - Market! Market! Dept. Store, Vest - saveonfashion, faux leather cuff, Robinsons Galeria Dept. Store, Casio watch, Grey oversized bag - thrifted. (Sorry for the cluttered background) :)
Finally Uno trying on the vest..:P He looks like a priest! :D

Hope is well!


  1. @libys11: that's my fave too, although its blurred..:P

  2. may i know where is relans studio located? and what are their graduation picture packages? i cant find in on the internet. thanks so much.