Monday, July 19, 2010

First of all

This would be my first entry for this blog and for that i want it to be special. :) Last July 2009 I became a mother to a wonderful little boy named Jullian Angelo. Uno is his nickname. :) At that time I just graduated from my second course (hee, so geek of me! LOL) BS Nursing and although I'm still pregnant I took the board exams which I thankfully passed..:D

wearing: Just G.

About me, ever since I was a teen I love fashion, I always wanted to be updated about the trends and what is not. I collected magazines just to shower my eyes with hot fashion, I also watched fashion series on TV (thelookforless, project runway and america's next top model), but I wasn't that courageous in executing what I read or watch. :(

I think now, i can be more brave enough to execute what I really wanted to wear and what I want to achieve in terms of fashion..:)



  1. aaww that's awesome that you opened a blog! :D your baby is so so cute! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. he's such a cute baby!!!!=) and congratz for passing the board!=)