Friday, August 13, 2010


Been hunting for a job for the past three days, and I must say it is difficult. First, there are no hospitals today that needs nurses, they're all full.. haist! Second, only call centers need people, haist again! :P Me and my friend Kat hunt the city of Makati not looking for our desired jobs, but for others that can give us monthly salary..hehehe..:) We need to support our own child you know..:)
So this was my outfit for the first day (sorry don't have a proper outfit post, low morale kasi e..) I'm wearing a royal blue ruched sleeves match with my thrift find suede belt. Black wide pants and these gold pumps..:)
At first, the shoes are ok but when you walk for almost half day = sore feet..:( Shoes becomes tight..:(
Us having our lunch at the Pancake House, which were delicious..:) Thanks Kaye for the libre! hehehe..:D That's me in the mirror! :P
I ate this, so sorry I forgot the name but it was delicious. :) Crunch asparagus and bacon and something..:P Paired with my fave drink, coke.. YUM!!! Then on to hunting again..
End the day with DQ sandwich..:) My feet sore, body tired but atleast I'm happy I'm with my friends..:) And I'm making progress..Yey! Wish me luck! *crossfingers*

Hope all is well!

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  1. Oh wow! I'm a nurse too! It sucks here, y'know. I wish PNoy would do something about the health care system here in the Philippines :(

    Which hospitals have you tried?