Tuesday, September 14, 2010

gingham fever!

Went to church and to the mall last Sunday.. :) It's convenient that two are near with each other..:D I wore my gingham which I have with me for the longest time..:P Honestly I wanted to wear this long before but does not have the motivation/style to wear it, but since I joined Chictopia and see what others wear (like gingham) gives me the boost..:D I went to the androgynous feel, pairing it with the cargo denim and my new shoes! :D Yey!!! :) I hope I pulled it off, since I'm trying to be a little extraordinary for my norms..:D
Me and my dying purple nails waiting for our parents to return from Handyman..:D Oh, I have green fingers now and I'm addicted to painting them..:D Will post my fave colors!.:D
Waiting for Dad and Light to get us..:P
Outfit Post..:)
Closing time picture! Ep!:P
Wearing: Gingham long sleeves polo - thriffted. Denim cargo pants - SaveOnFashion. Faux leather cuff - Robinsons Dept. Store. Black lace up wedges - Privileged (Dept. Store).

Hope all is well! :)

P.S. Uno is attending his first Kiddie Party! :D


  1. Love the thrifted top paired with the cargo pants! Looks like you had a fun and tiring day! :)

    Have a great week!

  2. @Melai: thanks so much! :)
    @Noelle Chantal: thanks so much! yes it was a fun and a tiring day..:D

  3. mickey, the shoes are extraordinary! i love!! oooh, and hope uno enjoys his first kiddie party! how i miss those! oh, to be a child again...

    p.s. adding you to my blogroll!


  4. your outfit is love!:) i remember my son's first kiddy party it was soo fun! i hope uno enjoys his!

  5. @eden: it was fun but sweaty.. :D wow, i'd really appreciate that, thanks so much!!

    @ava: thank you so much! It was fun and funny at same time! :) <3

  6. Oh my gosh, you are STUNNING!
    This outfit is amaazing. Killer sandals! :)