Wednesday, September 8, 2010

late post!

I was supposed to blog this last Sunday but I don't know what happened..hehehe..:) Oh well, this was from Saturday when suddenly we wanted to go to the mall and ate lunch there and also to buy milk and other stuff for Uno..:P It's 30 minutes past luch time when we decided to, so I chose to wear a dress and a cardigan for easy dressing but still looked you made an effort..:) My father and Light (car) were on a work related place so we just rode a taxi. He said that his going to pick us up na lang. We brought Uno's stroller because he was now heavy and we can't just carry him around. It's difficult because his stroller is big and heavy I can't barely lift it up and put it in the trunk (and I'm in a dress! that's the effort of dressing up!! :P hehehe) good thing Mr. Driver helped me but when time to get it from the trunk it's me and my sister who pulled it out..:( Mr. Driver is I think lazy na, we gave hin tip pa naman..:P We arrived at Pizza Hut at 2pm and were now hungry..:P
Uno waiting for his noodles, yes he loves noodles and gets mad if there's none left if he still wants more..hehehe We just gave him bread which is his second fave and he forgets.. :D    

Me just finished preparing his milk! :) Sorry for the face, I didn't have time to even powder my face..:(
Ate and Liit while waiting for their food! :D They look a like..:)
My Mama and me, always helping me with Uno..:D
Here's what I ordered, Pasta Duet (Fettucini Alfredo and Baked Mac)! Baked Mac's for me and the other one was for Uno but unfortunately he doesn't want to eat at that time. all he wanted to do is to walk and play..:P
Our drinks! Me and Ate ordered Caribbean, Liit ordered non alcoholic Sangria and Mama a Fresh Mango shake..:D Salad was Sicilian..:D
Nom! Nom! Nom! :D
After eating we went to the grocery to buy Uno his milk and other things and also to visit his father for his first day there as a Supervisor/Head Dept..:D
Wearing: Blue dress - Seventeen, Brown cover up - SaveOnFashion, black suede belt - thrifted, Brown wedges - St. Francis Square Beside me is my new shoes! Will post photo of it soon! :D
The hem of the cardigan have some scallop design, not too obvious though..:P
Love these brown wedges with cute bow details and its very cheap too..:D

Just finished eating merienda, pancit and bread! :) 

Hope all is well!

P.S. Our collection is tonight @ 8pm! See you there!


  1. Cute baby! Can't wait for your next collection dear :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. your hubby works for robinsons? cool! i worked there before:) love how oyu wore the brown cardigan. chic!:)

  3. Uno is sooo cute!!:) And i love pizza hut. Food there is good :) I love your dress and cardigan :)

  4. nice shoes!! beautiful pictures and this baby is adorable!