Monday, September 27, 2010

friday funday!

Went to Megamall last friday with my family since his rest day at work is Friday..:) We decided to open a junior account for Uno, for his future and to teach him the value of money (well when his old enough to understand that is...). After that we went to the shoe section in the department store to find him a pair, but unfortunately we didn't see any (to my liking of course)..:P Then they headed to the toys section instead and played with the Halloween displays.:) Ate at Sbarro and went to Timezone after..:D
Uno poking the little pumpkins..:)
trying on the pink horsey..:) Opps not so manly..hehehe..:P

We ordered Baked Ziti, Spaghetti with Chicken Parmingiano, and a sliced of All Meat pizza..:) (Sorry for the not so yummy-looking photo, just decided to took photo of it when we started eating..hehehe)
Me with Mike Wazowski! :)
Chewing his garlic bread and a little ziti..:)
Papa and Uno playing with hoops! :D
Wearing: Floral cardigan - SaveOnFashion, Pink tank top - surplus, Denim distressed skirt - Kamiseta. And I wore my flat sandals for comfort! :D

It was a fun fun day! :D Two weeks from now it's going to be his birthday, now I'm thinking of what to give him on his day??! Maybe a fun Friday again! :D

Hope all is well! :)


  1. beautiful floral cardigan!
    cute blog :)