Tuesday, November 2, 2010

thrift finds!

Here are my new treasures: 1. Red patent loafers. 2. Brown brogues. 3. Vintage Christian Dior sling bag. 4. Vintage Liz Claiborne sling bag. 

I've already used the shoes, will post outfits soon..:) and I used the vintage CD here, but I think that I haven't made justice..:P

What's your new treasure/ thrift finds? :D

Hope all is well! :D


  1. Omg love your new finds! :))) I miss ukay shopping na! =D

  2. the loafers are so pretty! it really doesn't look like it's thrifted! :D

  3. WELL DONE!!! :3 OMG I LOVE THE LOAFERS! ALL THE SHOES YOU GOT ARE AWESOOOOME!!! Linisin lang ng maayos and they are good as new! Actually, gusto ko lahat ng binili mo. *high five! :)

  4. love those vintage finds! those red shoes are awesome and love the dior bag!

  5. oh my.. i love the bags.. :) inform me those will be out on your shop.. :)

  6. such great finds! so envious of all of you guys who are great at getting really awesome stuff from ukays!

    me want the brown brogues!!!