Monday, November 1, 2010


from left to right: (Caronia in Touch of Tan. Caronia in Purple Punch. House of Etude in PK004. Bobbie in Grass Skirt. Caress in Magic Black. Caress in Gray Stone.)
3 coats of Purple Punch.
4 coats of Grass Skirt.
2 coats of Gray Stone.
Just wanted to share my nail polishes, I am starting to love and collect them. :) Here are my few pieces and I think it will surely grow..:) Sorry for the amateur coating, just starting to explore the world of polishes.. hehehe.. While writing this, I'm wearing my fave color of all my collection - Touch of Tan! Someday I'll post my DIY nail arts..:D
Hope all is well! :)


  1. i love caress polishes! they are so inexpensive but don't scrimp on color and quality! they have an extensive line as well! :D will look forward to your nail arts!♥

  2. i love love nail polish :) cute colors! i have etude pink too!

  3. these are some great colors! loving the gray especially =)