Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Giveaway and Announcements!

Ms. Kookie of DeathbyPlatforms is giving away her very first giveaway and what she said it's a major one. I love the prizes, hope I win! *cross fingers* For more information about her giveaway see HERE.. :)
We just uploaded our 7th Collection of accessories, please visit us here or click the logo of our on line shop at the side bar (saveonfashion). :D
Our 19th Collection is still up for bidding, lots of great items..:) See here or click the logo at my sidebar.. :)
I'm crossing my fingers on the giveaway, I love the collection of Cole Vintage..:) 

Hope all is well! :)


  1. goodluck to us! i also joined her giveaway! <3 who wont right? lol anyway im new here and will definitely gon b back <3

    Taradiddles of a Style on a Budget

  2. good luck with us on cole vintage!:) *fingers crossed* love your new set of clothes! can't wait to buy in the near future!

  3. i know i already commented here but i just have to say yes i will be back and will check out your future posts. lovelove

    Taradiddles of style on a Budget