Thursday, November 18, 2010

Parisian Holiday Collection 2010

Bought a Preview mag a few days ago and this brochure was included there..:) The Parisian Holiday 2010, I would like to share they're new awesome line.They include bags now..:D Sorry for the blurry pics as it was just photograph, they're website is not yet updated when I last visited it.

Parisian shoes surely evolved into awesomeness! I love the close shoes pumps as I'm recently hired..:D Yey for me! hihi..:) Kristen in wine red and Giselle in beige specifically, and for the bags I love Anika in Black and Charlotte in dark beige.. :) I don't really know if they are on sale now, needs to visit SM Dept. to find out! :D

What do you fancy? :)

Hope all is well! :)

P.S. All photos are from SM. You may visit their website at


  1. OH MY GAWD! the bags are gorgeous! i'm sure they won't be too expensive just like their shoes ~ stylish yet affordable. thanks for sharing this, mickey!♥♥♥

  2. @Abbie: can't wait to see them in person, i think they'll be really pretty! <3

  3. thanks for sharing this mickey! :) the shoes are amazing! i would love to have the chanel, demi, angel and elle.. i wonder if sm naga will have those. i've seen megan yesterday and so far it's the only one from their holiday collection. i better start saving up for those. hehe.. ^_^

    I Am DollParts

  4. i want the angel and irene!! i hope they have it already :D

  5. I want that purple bag :)thanks for sharing

  6. im diggin irene and mocha!! omg i gotta have it for christmas!! wow parisian's now sells a very competitive shoes!

    Taradiddles of style on a budget

  7. oh my gad i love their new collection , i must check them out :)))

    eey? following you , hope you can do the same thing :))

    flying kisses <3