Thursday, November 4, 2010


Wearing: Black tunic shirt - Esprit. Printed tank top - YRYS. Gray jeggings - thrift. Black lace up boots - thrift.
Went to Megamall to meet my sister's friend, yes you can call me her chaperone that day..:P It was raining then so I put on my booties for the first time! Actually, that was the really first time I wore boots in public I was too shy to dress up back then..:) When we were walking, I heard a woman said "anong meron, bakit maraming nagboboots?". But as my blog title say I'm really ready now and I don't really care much anymore on what they and will say..:) Anyway it was very comfortable to walk in boots!.:D All in all it was a nice day.

Hope all is well! :D


  1. hahaha "anong meron, bakit maraming nagboboots?" i guess a lot of our kababayans still aren't used to normal people wearing boots. i also get unusual stares whenever i wear mine. oh well...:D
    i love your outfit!

  2. i love your boots, mickey!:) and the top too!:) i don't think i can pull off boots like you hehe

  3. Mickey ;) you're so gorgeous. i totally love your outfit

  4. Love thy boots!! :) You're werqiing it!!

  5. cute jeans !! looks perfect with those boots!!

  6. HI Mickey! It's annoying when people stare at you because you're wearing something "deviant". I mean an average Filipina would wear ho-hum clothes like jeans and shirt. When they see people wearing boots or something "different" they stare like nobody's business! They should get over themselves. Seriously. It's annoying! So what kung naka-boots ako! Inggit ka lang! haha!

    Anyway, I'm always in megamall! Awww I hope to see ya sometime!