Wednesday, February 9, 2011

what's inside?

Just want to share the inside of my make up pouch, it's my everyday work wear, the shade of my lips depends on my mood that day that's why I need to bring all my fave shades..:)

from left to right:

1. In2It long wearing twin blush in Compulsion.
2. Nichido eyeshadow in Electric Pink.
3. Maybelline Clear Smooth face powder in Natural (hope i can find a refill soon!)
4. Fanny Serrano Moisturific lipstick in Pink Chic (my fave pink shade!)
5. Green Cross alcohol.
6. E.L.F. tinted moisturizer in Honey.
7. Simply Pretty make up base in Pink Glow.
8. Etude House lipliner in 07.
9. Avon Glimmersticks eyeliner in Blackest Black.
10. Celeteque facial moisturizer (love that it's water based)
11. Cover Girl lipstick in Really Red (my fave red shade plus it's long waring too!)
12. Nichido lipstick in Toffee.
13. Avon Ultra Moisture Rich lipstick in Sheer Nude.
14. 4U2 lipsync in 03.
15. Simply Pretty waterproof mascara in Black.

Hope all is well! :)

I've changed my header! hope you like it too! :D


  1. Great header! ♥
    I can see love lipsticks! :D

  2. I just found your blog. The header look so good.
    Love it all.
    I'm following you, follow me back if you like my blog!

    Keep in touch,
    Jacob from Fashion Ranger

  3. Thank you so much for your support!! I cant wait for your next blogpost.

    Keep in touch Mickey!!

    Best wishes,

  4. same with me! i always bring my favorite lipsticks in diff shade ;p and yay for the new header! :] its gorgeous!!