Wednesday, February 2, 2011

into the blue

Wearing: Navy blue dress - thrift. Black leather belt - thrift. Watch - Mango. Cocktail ring - Divi. Purple pumps - Privileged (Robinsons Dept. Store)

I rarely wear a dress, 'cause I always think that it is difficult to style a one piece outfit. I go with the flow with what many girls in my country wear - denim and tees. And dresses are reserve for occasions only in my opinion.. :P But those were the days, I'm so glad that wearing a dress is a huge trend today that I have the opportunity to try again.. :) 

Nowadays, I wear dress when going to work or going out too often. It's very easy and comfortable, so when I'm having a hard time pairing my top and bottom outfit I usually go with a dress - it's my easy-fix mode.. :) I love this dress, the ruffles at the front and the back makes it interesting and the contrast of cotton and satin makes it more adorable, don't you think? :) Maybe I'll collect more dresses..:D

Hope all is well! :)


  1. what a cute outfit and wonderful little blog you have going here(: so lovely!


  2. that's a really pretty dress! i love the color! :)

    I Am DollParts

  3. whoa, where'd you thrift that dress? ang ganda! :)


  4. I agree. Dresses are the easiest thing ever. That's why I don't understand why people act like dresses are such a big deal. It takes less time to toss on a dress than to throw on jeans, top, belt...etc. :P

    You look classy! :)

    Bea from A plus B