Tuesday, February 8, 2011

not enough dots..

Wearing: Black satin with yellow polka dots top - SaveOnFashion. Navy blue pencil skirt - thrift. Black suede belt - thrift. Black leather bag - thrift. Black cutout boots - Privileged (Robinsons Galleria).

Can't get enough polka top for me, so I'm sporting another..:D I was trying the "no make up" make up look here and i look so pale.. hehehe I just put on a pale pink blush and a nude lipstick..:D Super nude lips are not for me I guess..:D

Finally I bought a new laptop..:) Yey!! Will let you meet joey soon..:)

Hope all is well! :)


  1. oh god i love polka dots!
    congratulations on the new lappy!♥

  2. nude makeup also doesn't suit me! haha my mom would always say i look so pale everytime i try that look :-/ anyway, lovin the polka dots on you! too early for new year, e? kidding! and congrats with the laptop purchase :)

    <3 hazel

  3. Mickey!! I love your new header!! fierce!!:)

    i love the top, btw!:) goes really well with the skirt.

  4. @Abbie: Thanks love! I can't get enough of them no, hehehe..:)

    @Hazel: maybe the shade of color lang ang mali sa atin, late for Chinese New Year i guess..:D Thanks much! <3

    @Ava: Thank you so much for liking the new header..:D *blush* :D