Tuesday, February 15, 2011

having flat lines...

Wearing: black quilted dress with hot pink sleeves - SM Dept. Kids Section. Black leather bag - thrift. black lace up wedges - Privileged Robinsons Galleria. Paisley print jacket - Vintage Jaspal. Multi chain necklace - SaveOnFashion.

This outfit is my Valetine's get up, unfortunately I didn't get "kilig", I'm having a flat line here I need defibrillator (shock me!). Didn't post yesterday, 'cause it's not a good read for a romantic day like yesterday...

Hope all is well!


  1. aw. sending some love your way! :) :) :)

  2. your vintage print jacket and heels are so pretty :) and don't worry thank goodness the overrated vday is over haha

    <3 hazel

  3. love the blazer and shoes, mickey! great styling :)