Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Beginnings

I wanted to start blogging again by posting what's making my life busy for the past months. :) It's been almost 3 months when we say the "I do.." phrase at Makati City hall. Now, I'm officially a wife to a wonderful man that loves me and my Uno. 

For  months without post anything here, I've been into sales in a real estates company which I think help me improved myself more specially in dealing with lots of people and boosting my self esteem and I'm so grateful to have been in this industry. The only thing that doesn't improve is my ability to manage my time wisely.. :P That's why there have been lots of things undone, like the shoe store online that we started last year doesn't even last for 3 months or the online thrift shop that we had for almost 2 years was mismanaged and now we officially closed it (and because Multiply had been very difficult to update). 

Now (deep breath...) I can say I'll try improving my time management and because I'm giving birth to my second child this month Johanna Isabela. :) I've been on the more positive view of life, that there's always a new beginning if you wanted to. :) 

I can say that I'm a girl who wants to do what she really wants in her life but been very afraid to start because I hate failures and disappointment, but I'm happy and thankful that I have my hubby that encourages and supports me 100% in anything that I wanted to do. So I want to try them this year, so I hope I can do what I have plan to do, if not atleast I tried (crossfingers!). That's one thing I learned from him, he never say "no" or "can't" if you haven't try it first.

I'm ending my post by welcoming myself here again and by the way I hope you like my new header.. hehe..:D

Hope all is well!

P.S. Will post lots of late entries so watch out.. :P


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