Sunday, April 7, 2013

REx ate at: Clawdaddy's Bonifacio High Street

As I mentioned in my last post of me being married, we had our intimate little dinner with family at ClawDaddy's Bonifacio High Street after the ceremony. So here's our menu and how they tasted according to my tastebuds.. :P 
 American Cobb Salad - My favorite! I love everything about it, the sweet and sour taste of the mangoes, the corn, the chicken strips and lots of cheese. :) I recommend you to take a bite if  you haven't tried it yet. :)
 Buffalo wings - It's very spicy! But if your a fan of spicy foods, these wings are for you..:)
 Strawberry shake - It's refreshing, it's like the other strawberry shakes out there.. :P
 Baked oysters - I loved that it's baked and not fresh.:P I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food, still I tried this one. With the lemon juice and a little hot sauce it's delicious! :)
 Bbq sampler - It composes of grilled chicken, pork and fish bbq. I love the pork bbq most, I'm carnivorous! :P
 Freedom fries - My son loves fries so here's one platter for him. It tasted like a homemade fries.
 Chicken pasta alfredo - Simply the best! I can't describe it, it's delicious and tasteful. I also love the bread.. :)
Grilled tuna belly - It's fine.. :) (not a tuna lover, sorry.. :P)
Our little cake from Red Ribbon! How I wished they allowed us to change the cake flavor to rhumbutter.. (*sigh*)

So that's our little reception celebrating our union.. :) Hope I delight you with the menu of Clawdaddy's, and oh they also have great service A+! :)

Till next post!

Hope is well! :)


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