Wednesday, March 23, 2011

blue it away...

Wearing: Pink and gray long cardigan - Forever 21. Blue dress - Seventeen. Black leather belt - thrift. Nude pink heels - Divi.
Weekends specially Sunday we have an event here at work (yes, I have work on Sundays!) And I wore this outfit on this event, I usually wear dresses on events..:) I posted my blue dress on my Chictopia a long time ago, same concept though - a cover up + a belt..:P you may view it here. There will be an activity in my work place and I need to be there even though it's my rest day..:( I hope it will be fun..:D

Hope all is well! :)


  1. cute cardigan, mickey! :) too bad u had to work on a weekend. i still hope u enjoyed!♥

  2. have fun at the event! sweet cardigan!

  3. ouch work on a sunday? well atleast you can look forward to the dressing up part ;D and i agree with them two... nice cardi :)

  4. I love love your cardigan :) btw nice mix up

  5. @all: thanks everyone.. will probably look for the dressing up part Hazel..:D