Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Wearing: Oversized polo with rainbow color teardrop shape - thrift. Blue striped denim skirt - SaveOnFashion. Beige leather bag - Baby Couture.
What I wore at work, the top was one of my thrift finds that I enjoy wearing and my Ate too! It's like a uniform, every week someone's wearing it and later on it will retire but at least it fulfill it's goal - to be worn by people and love it..:P hehehe..:) 

And the baby bag that was a gift from us when Uno was Christened became my laptop bag! :D

Oh, life with it's never ending problems... Smiling makes you feel lighter and less looking stress..:P (sorry, flight of ideas..:P)

Hope all is well! :)


  1. the top is sooo cute! i love it!:)

  2. hehe cute baby bag turned into laptop bag!:) love the top!

  3. @Iya: Thanks so much!

    @Ava: Hehehe, it's very sturdy and spacious pedeng pede maging laptop bag..:D Thank so much! :)