Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shiny New Things!

1. Seventeen brown wallet from my girls Raqs and Mabel! :)
2. Animal print canvas bag from my friend Fredshi! :P
3. Grey wallet sling bag from my Ate..:)
4. Accessories from me..:P
5. Grab a tee men shirt from Tabs! :)
6. Animal print bag from Tabs! :)
7. Distressed jeans and black jeans from me and Tabs! :)
8. Blue top from my Mama..:)
9. Brown cropped top from Mama..:)
10. Colored skirts from me!..:) hehehe

I was inspired by my favorite bloggers to make this post.:)  Things given to me these past holidays! :) Thank you so much to all and to myself..hehehe..:P

Hope all is well! :)


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