Friday, July 22, 2011

long lived harry...

Wearing: Brown top - Kamiseta. Denim cargo shorts - Old Navy. Canvas flats - Solemate (SM Dept. Store). Cross necklace - Forever21. Leather bag - thrift.
Finally, after a month and a half waiting I got the chance to see the last movie of my favorite book Harry Potter! :) I didn't watch it in 3D though, I've got some reviews from my friends who are fanatics too that they got dizzy watching it on 3D so not to miss anything I watched it in 2D only. It was what I imagined it to be, I love all the scenes. If you haven't watch it, go watch it's very good! (Or I'm the only one late! hehehe...) :D 

Harry Potter Forever!!! :D

P.S. Sorry for the blurred images, they're taken from my sister's phone..:P

Hope all is well! :)

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