Friday, April 15, 2011

color blocking inspired by!

Wearing: Orange top - SaveOnFashion. Royal blue skirt - Sweet Lulu. Black strappy heels - PeopleArePeople.
Styled our over sized orange top ala Rosanna Aranaz and learned that this how you color block..:D The style is SO this moment, just don't be afraid to give your wardrobe some bright and bold colors and you are R-E-A-D-Y for Summer! :)

P.S. Watch put for SaveOnFashion's 21st Collection..:) Love the skirt, get it here! :D

Hope all is well!:D


  1. Nice, Mickey! I love your skirt din. Very summery indeed!♥

  2. Love your take on Rossana Aranaz' look!:) you definitely worked it!

  3. @Abbie: Thanks Abbie! :)

    @Ava: Thanks so much Ava! :D

  4. Love the mustard top on you with the electric blue skirt. Rossana is an expert with mix of prints and colors. :)