Saturday, January 22, 2011

this too shall pass away..

Been out in the virtual world for almost a month I guess. New year gives me new hope that gives me the reason to have faith with it. But oh well, this month's not mine. It greeted me with bad gossips from work, that is so irritating and frustrating.. *sigh* The same day I was informed that my three year old cousin died that morning due to negligence based on the reasons they gave us. I wasn't able to see her funeral as I was working to regain my name at work. I know she'll understand, 'cause she's an angel. *deep sigh* And that was just the first week!

I don't really know if I'm making sense here, hope you understand. 

Second week was less stress for me, celebrated my mother's 49th birthday at home and at Max's the next day. It was good bonding for us and having Uno makes it all easy to communicate..:)

Now, I'm still coping at work. Need to be more vigilant I guess, not my plan to stay longer though but I will not going to leave with my name marked as someone I am not.

As my title says, everything will surely pass away and will be fine again. That's my old time fave proverb, I also wanted it inked someday when courage arrives.. :D

I hope the next week will be a lot calmer. And thank you so much for reading.

Will return to good vibes and posting soon! :D

Hope all is well!


  1. Mickey, I totally understand you. I don't have the same problem but my best friend is really having a hard time at work too because of her officemates. I know you'll do great, you'll be fine and I sincerely wish you the best :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. I agree with Melai you'll be fine :)

  3. oh am sorry to hear about your cousin and that nasty rumor going around your workplace...i know sometimes things go on a totally different direction but i agree with too shall pass. Am sure you'd fare well in the end knowing that you're not the one at fault. Cheerios cuz staying happy would be your best vengeance!! Hugs!

    Aileen of The House of Isla

  4. I love that bible verse too :) I hope things will get better soon, Mickey and I'm sure you'll prove the gossips wrong. You're better than that :) Sorry to hear about your cousin. *hugs*

  5. Condolences for your loss, along with the work gossip you have to endure. Good things always come after a storm, so all the best!