Friday, October 22, 2010

Spotted: DeathbyPlatforms

I was, I meant I with my sisters were so thrilled that first time a very known blogger bought something from our online shop (SaveOnFashion). And it was Kookie, I was so kilig when she first commented on my post regarding the teaser of our collection..:) And we were so happy when she posted her look in her blog along with the link to where she got the shorts..:) And was very happy that she permitted us to grab her photos..:D And here she was, wearing "Rusty" from our 17th Collection..:)

She was looking fresh and radiant as ever! Always great in styling her outfit. We love her color combination here. :D
For more info. about her fab looks and posts, go to her blog DeathbyPlatforms..:D

We hope and dream to dress up more bloggers in the future..:)
And thank you again to Kookie for the photos.:)

Hope all is well! :)

*Photos are from DeathbyPlatforms.
**Article is based on the writer's opinion..:D


  1. kookie is amazing! and i covet those rusty pants!:)

  2. i was going to say her shoes are awesome, but then I felt that's not enough because her skills at combining radiant colors are worth a million praises!

  3. @ava: as ever, di ba! :)hehe.. thanks so much! :)

    @wynne: yes, she s awesome at combining colors and styles..:)

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  5. Saw your store from her blog! I lovelovelove your pieces! Sort of broke right now but I'm definitely eyeing some pieces. Love your store and your choices <3

    sPam of frou-frou

  6. Oh, Kookie wore the shorts so well. Love the color and color combination in this outfit, very chic! :)