Monday, July 30, 2012

REx's Board: Birthday Outfit

It's been almost two months since I post here. How I miss to have more time to simply surf and read blogs. My time in Sales is very demanding and I'm still adjusting in how to manage my time again.

Onto my post, this is what I want to wear when me and my boys will celebrate my birthday. Today is actually my birthday, I'm a year old! *sigh* But we don't have much free time with our schedules, so when the Date happens I want this as my OTD. :) I like the color schemes, it's like monochromatic and color blocking at the same time..:) What do you think? :) 

I found the perfect dress with the same color already, I also have the blazer already that I got in a thrift store.  I'll be using my black leather bag which is with me for the longest time, I'm so thankful she's not breaking up on me.. hehehe.. :P And now that schedule is full, I'm looking for the right accessories..:) I want the black and gold combo, and for the shoes my big boy gave me one but it's in color black and it's not wedges (Oh well, better than nothing! ).

Oh and I finally got my blunt bangs! :D

Hope all is well! :)

All photos are from Polyvore.


SMDC Jazz Residences, Bel-air Makati