Wednesday, October 26, 2011

REx's How to: Put a Fashion week outfit!

If I were to attend a day in Philippine Fashion week I would like to wear something like this..:)) 1. Black shimmery top that is a little sheer for that sophisticated look. 2. Leather vest to give me warm (I think it will be cold there!). Black floral printed shorts for that girlish cute look still looking polish. 3. Red suede envelope bag to add color. 4. Red pumps for that polish look and more color. 5. A cute hat. 6. Oversized watch. 7. Set of gold bangles. 8. Copper nails. 9. Neutral shades for my make up 10. Mascara to brighten my eyes. 11. A pink lipgloss. 12. A slim camera that will perfectly fit into my cute clutch bag..:D Do you think it's over the top? hehe..:D

Hope all is well! :)


P.S. All photos are from Polyvore.. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

REx's Wishlist: Inspired mens watch

Christmas is just around the corner..:D Will start my very first virtual wishlist! For that, this coming season I will be so happy if someone give me an inspired mens watch, I just love that it look sexy on women.. The androgynous and the chunkiness of it paired with the most laid back, little sexy outfit you have is HEART! :D So I Want One! :D hehe..:P

Hope all is well! :)


P.S. Photo is from polyvore! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

sheer mint...

Wearing: Mint green sheer top - thrift. Grey jeans - Vintage Earnest Sewn. Black heels - Julia. Accessories - random. :P
Wore the sheer top at the showroom and it got the attention of lots! (in a good way..:D) I wanted to wear it with a tank top instead of a bandeu type undergament but the whole look will be much different.. Sheer and neon colors are so in right now, and I'm happy I found this sheer mint top with little birds print..:D I'm still mastering the art of accessories so forgive me..:P

Went to Galleria this afternoon and I'm happy that there are a lot of sale items still..:) Bought two new dresses (so much for a window shopping plan!)..:P

Hope all is well! :)

P.S. Got an account on twitter, let's be friends..:D

Thursday, October 13, 2011

two dresses literally...

Wearing: Blue dress - Seventeen. Black Knit bodycon - thrift. Watch - Casio.
It was raining hard when I wore these two dresses together, well they're not really that thick the blue one is jersey while the black one is knit.. :) I tried to smudge my eyeliner to give me a look of "fall-ish" mode..:) and of course a pale face..:D How do I look? Hope not terrible...:(

Finally, my sister got married last Saturday..:D I've been stress that day hence the tired face photos (next post!)..:D

Hope all is well! :)