Friday, September 30, 2011

sprinkle my chambray with flowers!

Wearing: Chambray top - thrift. Brown shorts - Divi. Black espadrilles flats - from a friend. Green bag - SM Dept. Store.
Finally, had the chance to wear this chambray at last! :P I don't want to wear this with my denim shorts, so I have to buy this brown one and of course not denim..hehehe..:P And the floral print on the inside collar looks so adorable, isn't it? :) Went to the mall to canvass a new cam, hope I can get one by the end of the year and hoping it's a dslr (cross fingers). I love my nail polish here, the color's Raisin from Caress (I forgot, sorry!) And lookie my new trimmed eyebrows, well it's still thick but I think I look better with thick brows, I just have to make sure they look neat na lang no?..:P

Been trying some make up do for the wedding this coming Saturday..:D

P.S. I made my images bigger and I love it! Hope you do too! :D

Hope all is well! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

some details

15 days before the big event! Here are some of my big sister's wedding details..:D I just love the colors brown and bright pink together! :) So excited! :)))

Hope all is well! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

breezey top

Wearing: White sheer peasant top - thrift. Blue satin skirt - Sweet Lulu. Black heels - Julia. Necklaces - Forever 21, bazaar.
Took my outfit when LRI Designs had an exhibit in our showroom..:) The furniture and paintings are so awesome and their a bit pricey..:P Anyway, I love my top it's so comfortable and very romantic looking don't you think..:)) Put my hair on a half bun to have a romantic look too..:) Second to the last photos is the fave of my Tabs, do you agree? :P I've been stress this day because of some annoying things that happened, hoping that tomorrow is a better day..:D

Hope all is well! :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tribal Princess

Wearing: White satin top - thrift. Mint green with tribal print skirt - thrift. Black leather belt - thrift. Black flats - bought from a friend..:P
Finally I was able to take a decent photos for this long found treasure - the mint green with tribal print! :) Yey! I just love the design of it with cute pockets..;) Paired it with a simple white top to emphasize it more..:) Oh, look at my shoes they're about to die on me..:( Basic everyday flats usually dies on me..:P And sorry for the big hair, i tied them in a bun 'cause I want may hair to have some waves as they often hang flat, thick and dull (boo!) :P

Only a few weeks from now my Ate will tie the knot na..:) Will post somethings from her upcoming wedding, of course with her permission..:P

Hope all is well! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Wearing: Black sheer button down top - Thrift. Grey jeggings - thrift. Necklace - Forever 21. Black boots - People Are People.
When you've got loads of time to spare when you're at work..:P I edited some of them hence the title..hehehe..:) This the time when I tried to really put on make up and I love it, except for the time you have to retouch it (tamad mode lang e..:P) I'm wearing the Everbilena Matte Lisptick if you're curious..:P Maybe I'll try reviewing my cosmetics, hmmm..:) I have a very messy eyebrows here, but no worries I had them groomed already.. hehehe and look at my nails, they're lilac! <3

Hope all is well! :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

cover me with stripes!

Wearing: Striped cover up - thrift. Blue dress - Seventeen. Black shoes - Julia. Black leather belt - thrift.
Just wore the ever blue dress again! I just love how I can pair it with different cover ups and still look different each time..:) And I love how comfortable my new shoes were and bought them on sale, how cool is that? :)) I've been seeing new hairstyle in the blogger world and would like to try color my hair or perm them too 'cause i have been with my black and thick hair for as long as I remember..hehehe..:P

Hope all is well! :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

REx's How to: Wear a Midi Denim Skirt

SaveOnFashion Denim Midi Skirt
Here's my take on how to wear a denim midi skirt..:) I will pair it with beaded peach crop top, no necklace because I want to emphasize the details of my top. Chunky brown watch and lots of neutral and gold bangles. Will put shades of green and black for my fingers and a two toned leather clutch bag for my arm candy. Finish the look with chunky wooden heels and a cute sunnies! :) Hope it's not much..hehehe..:) 

How will you style a denim midi skirt? Want the skirt? You can shop here..:)

Hope all is well!

P.S. All photos are from polyvore except the midi skirt..:)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

blue blooms!

Wearing: Blue mini dress - thrift. Brown with green belt - thrift. Blue tights - SM Dept. Store. Brown shoes - thrift.
I think it's mini dress or a large top?! I prefer to think that it's a mini dress or a tunic..:) I love the rich color and the little flowers printed on it..:) The belt is a great find to with green stones to contrasts the blues. Paired it with tights and brown pumps..:D

My head aches, I think I need coffee now..:D

Hope all is well! :)