Friday, September 30, 2011

sprinkle my chambray with flowers!

Wearing: Chambray top - thrift. Brown shorts - Divi. Black espadrilles flats - from a friend. Green bag - SM Dept. Store.
Finally, had the chance to wear this chambray at last! :P I don't want to wear this with my denim shorts, so I have to buy this brown one and of course not denim..hehehe..:P And the floral print on the inside collar looks so adorable, isn't it? :) Went to the mall to canvass a new cam, hope I can get one by the end of the year and hoping it's a dslr (cross fingers). I love my nail polish here, the color's Raisin from Caress (I forgot, sorry!) And lookie my new trimmed eyebrows, well it's still thick but I think I look better with thick brows, I just have to make sure they look neat na lang no?..:P

Been trying some make up do for the wedding this coming Saturday..:D

P.S. I made my images bigger and I love it! Hope you do too! :D

Hope all is well! :)


  1. Nice! the color of your nailpolish is sooo good for fall too x

  2. i love your look Mickey! and I love Caress nail polish too! :)

  3. @Ava: Thanks, the collar looks so adorbs no..:)

    @TheOnlyFashionPrincess: Thank you so much! I agree, love the color for fall nails! :D

    @Denise: Thanks so much Denise, Caress nail polish is so great and best of all they're affordable..:)

    @Nadine: Thank you so much dear! <3


  4. YAY to bigger images! now we can see clearer details of your outfit and fall deeper in love with how you style your daily outfits ;) i love the denim shirt!

  5. Hi!!!
    I like this photos!!!♥
    You are so pretty!
    I follow you!Follow me?

  6. i love denim :))

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