Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Uno Day!

My son Uno celebrated his 3rd birthday last July 1 (I know, this is a super super late post..:P) Collected some of his highlights that day and the day before..:) I just remembered how heavy was his cake and how tired we were after his celebration, but it's all worth it. His very happy and excited, all his new stuffs were with him even when his sleeps..:P His big remote control car and the one in the big box in the collage were kept for safety because his not old enough to play with them and partly he destroyed them a little. hehe..

As a mother I'm proud of his milestones, he knows his ABC, numbers up to 100, colors and shapes and he can read too. He loves letters and numbers that every time we go to a kids store he chooses magnetic letters and numbers instead of big colorful toys. He speaks english, I don't know why maybe because he always watch Nickelodeon kiddie shows!! (nosebleed!!!) When I ask him if he wants to go to school he always says NO! Ooops! di nagmana kay Mama.. joke!!! :P He also loves listening to music and sometimes he sings part of it! :P He likes to watch movies and his favorites are Cars and Toy Story 2. :)

He's been growing fast! Soon i'll be missing his kulit and bulol moments when he goes to school or when he plays with his new friends.. Or when his in grade school or even high school and college.. *sigh* But for now, I'll cherish every moment of this time with my Super Kulit Uno!!! I love you so much baby!!! :D

Hope all is well!


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